“The purpose of our organisation is to be successful in encouraging ladies to showcase their beauty and talents, at the same time be an image of someone who values nature which in turn will serve as an inspiration for people. We want to fulfill every woman’s dream to become a beauty queen with a purpose. We want to contribute by engaging in different advocates and their purpose by taking them seriously.”
Julieta Custodio
National Pageant Director
President - Stargazer Production Pty Ltd.

Board of Directors

Maria James


Julieta Custodio

Chairman of the Board National Pageant Director

Marc Baylon

Managing Director

Mel Bustamante

Executive Director, Charities and Community Partnerships.

Vicky Peek Yen Chew

Executive Director, Communications and Business Partnerships

Executive Team

Len Puzon

Director of Sales and Marketing

Bricknell Isidro

Director of Social Media Services

Brittany Dickson

Director on Advocacy and
Community Engagement

Susana Downes

National Pageant Coordinator

Operations and Administration Team

Melica Dela Cueva Largo

Executive Officer

Mikoi Dris

Production Manager


Isha Kulatunge

State Pageant Director– Victoria

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