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About Stargazer Production Australia

Over the years, Stargazer Production Pty., Ltd. believes that we have become a trailblazer in the field of pageantry here in Australia. We will continuously strive to promote grace under pressure and beauty not only physically but in heart and soul in all our endeavors. Aiming for perfection is a dream that is from reality, but we hope to achieve. We aspire to be quintessential, to be ideal moulds in order to host the most prestigious pageants we constantly hold.
Being able to recognize and nurture new talents are just one of the reasons why Stargazer Production Australia continues to be a leader in this line of business. Scouting and recognizing fresh raw talents, producing a diverse and wide array of discoveries that keeps Stargazer Production on top of an ever-changing industry.
One of the contributions we can take part in to help rebuild the environment is to impart awareness and educate the youth on the love for Mother Earth. Let us all educate ourselves on how we can give back in our own way. Learning more about our various environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, proper waste disposal and how they all affect all living things.

Miss Earth Australia 2021 Grand Coronation Proudly presented by Stargazer Production And Megaworld International

Let us commit ourselves to live a more viable lifestyle. Look for more ways on how to contribute environmentally and be more nature friendly. This will not only be for us but also for our future generations. We start on the little things, and we start today. With ourselves and at home. Everything starts small. Small things tap big changes.




ADDRESS: 2/635 Princess Highway Rockdale NSW 2216

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