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The Official National Preliminary to MISS EARTH® International
“I joined MEA because fighting for the conservation and protection of our planet is the most significant battle we must overcome. I’ve always been an advocate for the environment, but this has been further intensified by my university studies, currently, I’m undertaking a double degree in Global Sustainability and Politics. Miss Earth Australia provides an excellent platform to amplify our voices and action as we protect Mother earth.”

Sheridan Mortlock

Miss Earth Air 2022

Miss Earth Australia 2022


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Meet The Queens

Their roles do not stop from being beauty queens. They are also warriors and heralds to Mother Nature’s preservation. Every day and to the future, they become an inspiration to young ones and other individuals for taking better care and being aware of our environment.

News And Events

We’re sharing everything. Stay up to date. Miss Earth Australia is up to next with the latest news updates, press releases, events, and more.

The search is now on for the next Miss Earth Australia 2023! Who will be the next Environmental Queen from the land …


Phoebe Soegiono

Miss Earth Australia 2021

Brittany Dickson

Miss Earth Australia 2020

Susana Downes

Miss Earth Australia 2019

Monique Shippen

Miss Earth Australia 2018

Nina Josie Robertson

Miss Earth Australia 2017

Lyndl Kean

Miss Earth Australia 2016

Dayanna Grageda

Miss Earth Australia 2015

Nadine Roberts

Miss Earth Australia 2014

Renera Thompson

Miss Earth Australia 2013

Jenna Seymour

Miss Earth Australia 2012

Deedee Zibara

Miss Earth Australia 2011

Kelly Louise Maguire

Miss Earth Australia 2010

Melinda Heffernan

Miss Earth Australia 2009

Rachael Margot Smith

Miss Earth Australia 2008

Victoria Louise Stewart

Miss Earth Australia 2007

Natalie Newton

Miss Earth Australia 2006

Ann-Maree Bowdler

Miss Earth Australia 2005

Shenevelle Dickson

Miss Earth Australia 2004Earth Australia 2005

Shivaune Christina Field

Miss Earth Australia 2003

Ineke Candice Leffers

Miss Earth Australia 2002

Christy Anderson

Miss Earth Australia 2001


Miss Earth Australia 2021 Grand Coronation Proudly presented by Stargazer Production And Megaworld International

Let us commit ourselves to live a more viable lifestyle. Look for more ways on how to contribute environmentally and be more nature friendly. This will not only be for us but also for our future generations. We start on the little things, and we start today. With ourselves and at home. Everything starts small. Small things tap big changes.

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You can send your inquiries about our Miss Earth Australia, just email us at [email protected] and we will instantly attend to your question

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   2/635 Princess Highway Rockdale 2216

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About Us

Miss Earth Australia is one of the most prestigious pageants in the land down under to date. It is held annually to choose which beauty queen will represent Australia in the international and global annual environmental themed competition, Miss Earth. It was established 18 years ago and aims to utilize its beauty, brains and talents to promote social awareness regarding environmental concerns and compassion towards our one and only Mother Earth.
Over the years, Miss Earth Australia aims to promote pageantry as something that is not always just about the crown, sash, and beauty. We continue to integrate and embrace more inner qualities such as substance, intelligence, kindness, and diversity.

Our Mission

To promote environmental awareness and the importance of being aware of our actions that will affect climate change, thus applying our motto “Beauties with a Mission” in all our advocacies.

Our Vission

To make a difference and spread awareness in our social responsibility to make an effort in taking care of Mother Earth while exuding our legacy of beauty and grace.

Board of Directors

Maria James


Julieta Custodio

Chairman of the Board National Pageant Director

Marc Baylon

Managing Director

Mel Bustamante

Executive Director, Charities and Community Partnerships.

Vicky Peek Yen Chew

Executive Director, Communications and Business Partnerships

Executive Team

Floraine Lombardo

Director on Marketing

Len Puzon

Director of Sales and Marketing

Bricknell Isidro

Director of Social Media Services

Marie Tan-Siune Tien
(Marie Arguelles)

Executive Director, Marketing and Client Services

Brittany Dickson

Director on Advocacy and
Community Engagement

Linda Rose Bishop

Pageant Director - Mrs. Earth Australia

Operations and Administration Team

Melica Dela Cueva Largo

Executive Officer

Mikoi Dris

Production Manager

State Pageant Directors

Melica Dela Cueva Largo

Executive Officer


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